Biography Walt van Hulst

Walt van Hulst (1972) believes photographing is much more a reflection of reality than a mere interpretation of it. What you see is what you get; you cannot make your subject more beautiful than it is. But you can present your subject in a different way by looking at it differently. If you look at something from a different point of view, you may be able to see it in a whole new light, producing a different image. That is what it makes it interesting to take that particular photograph.

When he takes his photographs, he starts with looking at the subject for a while. After this careful study he discovers certain shapes that others did not see, because most of the time, people do not take enough time to look at something. Most of them look at it, but do not actually see it. If you just take a little more time, you can take the most beautiful pictures. That is why he likes to take enough time to take photographs. He prefers to use an old-fashioned camera that has to be set manually. Of course this can be a handicap sometimes when he is too late because the subject is moving, but sometimes he is lucky and succeeds in taking a photograph from a moving subject as well. However, most of the time he prefers to use a static subject, such as architecture in cities or beautiful landscapes and natural environments.

Walt van Hulst uses a 35mm panoramic camera and a medium format camera, without using filters and special lenses. He likes to try to keep the image as original as possible, and he only looks at his subjects in his own way. But he is carrying two magazines, one with black and white film and one with colour film, because some subjects look better in black and white and others in colour.
Walt van Hulst does not use digital photography because he thinks that than you loose the quality and the reality of the picture. His pictures are real pictures from a negative and no digital manipulation.

He likes to take photographs around the world. Therefore he uses international English titles for his photographs. Sometimes he knows in advance from what he would like to take a photograph, but most of the time he just walks through a city or through nature and discovers his subjects spontaneously. He doesn't have to search for it for a long time, because beauty is all around you. If you just take your time to see it.